Ruby on Rails co-op

nice idea

what about searching the mailing list ? there are some valuable info on some threads here.

At the moment it only searches the main Rails sites, the wiki, the api
docs, the ruby code and stdlib but anyone can suggest/add new sites to
add to it. I don't know how easy it is to add new sites to the search
but I think that including the really good Ruby/Rails blogs on here
would make it a pretty useful resource because I know I dont have a
definitive list of doc sites in there yet.

Really cool. Can you add an inurl? ala... inurl:rails

which finds stuff in:

Adding that for the other snippets sites would be really cool, you could
find rails code snatches all over.

I've also created one here. Anyone is free to join and contribute.

Why? Wouldn't it make more sense to work together to provide a really
good resource?


i agree. it seems completely pointless to have 37 different resources. (with many overlapping sources) I thought the whole idea is to wrap the best sources under one interface…?


the whole idea is to make money...