Savage Beast - rails forum plugin

Greetings rails’ers,

Extracted from the development of, I’d like to announce Savage Beast, a rails engine:

Savage Beast simplifies the addition of multiple forums to your rails app, associating 1 or more forum to a AR Model instance.

For instance adding a forum to a project model,

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base

has_one :forum, :as => :owner


As this is a engine, overloading is pretty simple - but I must say that the great encapsulation of behaviour in the Beast, makes for an easy isolation of functional concerns, and the above use of before filters was almost all the customization that The Soup needed to integrate multiple forums.

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TNG inc “where projects and people meet”

Nice! Is there a live demo somewhere?

Thiago - you can currently see SB at The Soup - a proud user of
Sitealizer (see the footer)

Cheers, Jodi - consulting, software development - "where projects and people meet"


thanx Carl