What’s supposed to cause rails to take application to mean application.scss ? The problem I’m having is my stylesheet is named application.scss and rails is looking for application.css If I name it as application.scss in stylesheet_link_tag then it looks for application.css.scss

sass/scss files shouldn’t be linked by your website, these files have to be compiled into standard .css files with sprockets, webpacker or any other sass compiler.

Usually, if you use sass-rails (or sassc-rails on newer rails version) or webpacker, both gems should take care of compiling the assets for you with proper configuration.

So then why did we used to name the files .scss

So if I’m no longer going to use app/assets then I don’t need the lines link_tree and link_directory in my manifest.js ? I previously had //= link_tree ../images and //= link_directory ../javascripts .js and //= link_directory ../stylesheets .scss So I removed all those scss files from app/assets/stylesheets and keep them under app/javascript/src, then what do I need in manifest.js ?