changing application.css to .scss prevents model.css.scss from being included...

I changed my application.css file to application.scss, and everything worked fine.

But now my model specific .css.scss files are not being ‘auto’ included. i.e., user.css.scss is being ignored as far as I can tell.

Is there a way I can make model specify stuff be auto included?

Have you tried naming the file application.css.scss?

You can include specific style sheets by deleting the ‘require tree’ comment from the application stylesheet and then using @import “example.css.scss”; for every stylesheet that you have. Doing this means you can specify the order in which they compile.

Yeah, I am using the @import now. I was expect it to be automatic, but I guess the logic is that if you are using sass for the layout then you will want complete control of how things are brought in.