SafeBuffer gsub broken


I've run into a bug with the implementation of gsub in

My code is essentially this... (my pattern captures values to the
global variables $1, $2)

text.gsub(pattern) do |match|
    # uses match, $1, $2

When running this, my match var is passed correctly, but $1 and $2 are
nil. If I remove gsub from the list of UNSAFE_STRING_METHODS gsub
works as expected, so gsub is currently broken in Rails as far as I
can see.

To test this you can do the following (do this in Rails 3-1... Rails
3-0 gsub is broken even more right now)...

Broken (using SafeBuffer)...
ruby-1.9.2-p290 :001 >"capture
this").gsub(/(capture) (this)/){|match| p match, $1, $2}
"capture this"

Good (using String)...
ruby-1.9.2-p290 :004 >"capture this").gsub(/(capture)
(this)/){|match| p match, $1, $2}
"capture this"

Basically the current code doesn't persist the values of the globals
$1, $2, etc.

def #{unsafe_method}(*args, &block) # def gsub(*args, &block)
  to_str.#{unsafe_method}(*args, &block)

I did some testing to rewrite this method and $1 and $2 are in fact
set in the overridden method, but they are nil inside the block of the
method outside of the override. The actual fix for this is somewhat
beyond my knowledge of ruby, as I thought global variables would
remain global, but something else is going on here. I read that some
of the special global vars are in fact treated as locals, so I'm not
sure if this is the case here.

Any ideas on how to fix this properly? Suggestions welcome so I can
submit a patch.


There is a discussion about SaffeBuffer#gsub in

Ah, thanks. Glad to see it's being worked on. I should have searched
the issues first.

I'll use my work around of using to force the
standard gsub usage.

Thanks again