Ruport 1.6 and Murdoch 1.0

Hi folks,

After a silent release of Ruport 1.6.0, I'm happy to announce Ruport
1.6.1 and Murdoch 1.0.

Although 1.6.1 is just a README update, this announcement will serve
as the 1.6.0 release notes as well.

Most of the changes are shifts in the internals, which will mostly be
of interest to our more hardcore users, but there are some goodies for
If you want to see some of the new stuff in action, the fastest way
may be to take a look at this article written by Mike Milner and I:

It is a bit basic but shows off some of the new features and gives a
general intro to Ruport.

== Introducing Ruport's Murdoch meta-gem

Because of Ruport's rolling release schedule, it is sometimes
difficult to keep up with which combinations of ruport, ruport-util
and acts_as_reportable
are compatible with each other. To help with this, we're now
providing a meta-gem that will grab the currently supported set of
these three packages.

If you're not sure exactly which parts of Ruport you want to use but
want it all to be there just in case, all you need to do is install
this gem:

gem install murdoch

Then, in your reports:

require "ruport/murdoch"

You can be sure that when you do this, you'll get packages that don't
conflict with each other.
You can also of course use gem locking, as needed. This will
hopefully provide an easy way for people to grab our stable packages
all in one fell swoop.

If you want more fine grain control, there is no need to use this gem,
you can continue doing things as you have been.

However, if you plan on using Murdoch, here's how the versioning
scheme will work:

(a+k).b.c : Changes to core ruport have been made, possible API
a.(b+k).c : Changes to our support libs (AAR / ruport-util) have been
made, possibel API breakage
a.b.(c+k) : A bug fix release, no *external* API changes present

Of course, these are just to give you a sense of what's changed at the
glance, always check the relevant release notes. :slight_smile:

== Ruport 1.6 Changes ==

# API Changes

- Ruport::Renderer has been renamed Ruport::Controller. This will
break most code, but is trivial to fix.

- The formatting helper render_data_by_row has been removed. Users
will need to explicitly call row
renderers or create their own helpers for this.

- Table#rename_columns() no longer creates an error when you attempt
to rename a column that
is not present in the table

# New Features

- Much faster CSV, Text, and HTML output

- Table#pivot() for grouping summaries based on the pivot operation

- A new 'finalize' hook in formatters that will be called after all
other stages have been processed.

We've made use of this in our built in formatters so having to
needlessly call render_pdf is a thing of the past.
(See Ruport::Formatter::PDF#finalize for an example)

- Anonymous formatters for lazy bastards:

class BookReport < Ruport::Controller

  stage :list

  def setup = Book.report_table(:all)

  formatter :html do
    build :list do
      output << textile("h3. Book List")
      output << data.to_html

  formatter :pdf do
    build :list do
      pad(10) { add_text "Book List" }
      draw_table data

  formatter :csv do
    build :list do
      output << data.to_csv


== Aknowledgements

During our work on Ruport 1.6, we've picked up two developers, Ryan
Platte and Brian Candler.
They were the ones who did most of the cool stuff here, so please
direct your mad propz to them.

== Shameless Plug

The Ruport Book is now updated to cover Ruport 1.6. You can browse
the HTML version for free at:

If you like what you see and/or want to support the project, consider
purchasing a PDF or print copy:

Users who purchase either are entitled to unlimited PDF updates with
proof of purchase. There is no
need to buy both the PDF and the Print version.

25% of revenue goes to a charity we think is really cool:
Engineers Without Borders, USA (

require "ruport/murdoch"


You guys are terrible. I want these past 5 minutes of my life back
(laughing to hard to do any work, then explaining to co-workers what
was funny).

Great library though, and I will be using it much more in the future.


That URL got truncated. Looks like this is correct:

And in case that also gets truncated, here’s a shortened one:

require "ruport/murdoch"


You guys are terrible. I want these past 5 minutes of my life back
(laughing to hard to do any work, then explaining to co-workers what
was funny).

Hehe, yes. In fact, we considered releasing murdoch on April 1st, but
were afraid people would think it was a joke. :slight_smile:

Great library though, and I will be using it much more in the future.

Thanks. Please join our mailing list and let us know if you have any
problems or suggestions.


hehe ... same reaction here. Thanks for the laugh Gregory (and of course all the work you guys have been doing with Ruport).

  - JohnM

For symmetry, I might have named it murdech instead of murdoch.

I ask you this from time to time and thought maybe there was a there a way to include code39 barcodes in your
Thank you,

Ahahaha, if only we thought of that before the release.

None of our developers are currently working on this. You might ask
on the Ruport list if anyone has attempted it.

Patches to ruport-util for this are certainly welcome.