Ruport 1.4 Preview Release

Hi folks,

We've decided to do a preview release as Ruport 1.4 will be coming out within the next couple weeks.

We've pretty much rounded off the features that will be in the release, and now just need your help identifying bugs and possibly making minor changes for things we've forgotten.

It's a good idea to actually download this and try to make it work with your production apps, because although the API and packaging changes[0] are ultimately not substantial, they are numerous enough to maybe break some of your code.

There are also some new features[1] which you might find interesting. We'll announce a complete change list with examples on our mailing list soon.

== Get It ==

-- The main ruport package:

gem install ruport --source

-- If you need ActiveRecord support

gem install acts_as_reportable --source

-- If you need Ruport::Query support or other ruport-util features

gem install ruport-util --source

== Notes ==

- acts_as_reportable is now it's own gem, but you should not need to do anything special besides install the gem for it to work. Please let us know if this is not the case.

- To use Ruport::Query, you will need to add the following line to your programs (in addition to installing the gem)

require "ruport/util'

That's pretty much it for now, so let us know what you think on the Ruport List[2]. Thanks!


[0] [1] [2]