Run/Migrate Older Ruby Application (Your Ruby version is 2.5.3 but your Gemfile specified 2.3.1)

I am taking over an app that has not been developed for a few years. Currently the app is on Github and I have a local Ruby on Rails install on my Ubuntu 16.04 box which I have a copy of the master on where I keep running into the following error:Your Ruby version is 2.5.3 but your Gemfile specified 2.3.1 . I have run bundle update and bundle install to no avail please advise.

Your Gemfile is specifying a ruby version. Change or remove that and run bundle again.

Just change the version of ruby in your gemfile that will do it

Do you have rvm managing your ruby versions? If so, just run rvm install 2.3.1 or comment out the ruby version in the Gemfile and you should be golden.

Thank you Daniel. I will keep you all posted.

Will do.

No rvm and I am considering just a clean machine install again with the recommendations that have been suggested.

If you're going to be maintaining this app -- keeping up with ruby and
gem versions -- using rvm or equivalent is *really* helpful.

You have to keep everything under your user account, you wouldn’t want to have a system ruby installed Uninstall system ruby and delete all system installed gems, google ‘rvm install’ and follow the instructions but not as root, as a normal user account, don’t do anything as root so then you’ll have /home/yourusername/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.5.3/gems/… To install ruby versions with rvm just run rvm install 2.5.3 let’s say for example and if you have different ruby versions installed you can switch with rvm use <version>

Thanks Fugee