is falling apart

Ok, so it's not falling apart, but - :slight_smile:

Trac at is down with a trac error, and the wiki is a
complete mess. Apparently the wiki is moving to something called Ruse
that has a blank project page on rubyforge, whereas i2, as b0rked as it
can be, does have a dns blacklist plugin to stop some spam. It would
seem a better use of time to fix what's there instead of trash it for a
new and not even released project.

I hold my breath on things like placing the "official" rails host on the
front page. Are there plans in motion for fixing the wiki (I assume
trac will be fixed soon)? There seems to be alot of people more than
willing to help...


Matthew - Donnie Jones is forking i2's wiki to add captcha.

+ textdrive is supposedly working on the ror hosting issues / new servers perhaps.

I imagine we'll be seeing some love soon.

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