RubyonRails 2.0 Preview Installation

Yes, you need to get it from svn

$ svn ls

AFAIK, it won't be packaged as a gem until it is REALLY 2.0 and not a
pre-release candidate.

Hi, you can also do the following to install:

rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_2-0-0_PR

Now, you'll do the following:

a) create the rails app or use an existing application

b) cd into the root of your rails application

c) rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_2-0-0_PR

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Hi, here’s a correction. When you installed the 2.0, you’ll need to update environment.rb which is located in the

config directory.

a) Update the environment.rb


RAILS_GEM_VERSION = ‘1.2.3’ unless defined? RAILS_GEM_VERSION


RAILS_GEM_VERSION = ‘2.0.0’ unless defined? RAILS_GEM_VERSION

b) save the file in step (a)

c) perform the following command in the root of the application

rake rails:update:

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Hi Jamal, the difference is that one installed as a GEM and the other is installed from the rails repository for rails 2.0.0 into


In any case, you’ll need to update your environment.rb and perform

rails:update: configs

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Hey Jamal, please type the command in a shell and command prompt and send me the result:

gem list


No it doesnt it just copies the snapshot directory to your machine.

Freezing it with the rake tasks is the right approach.

I've just had my head in making patches to rails lately rather than
installing it into a rails app.