Ruby URL format

I'm working on a straight forward rails app. One thing that has me
puzzled is the generated hyperlinks in rails,

<%= link_to 'Home', :controller => 'my_controller', :action => 'index'

generates a hyperlink like:

<a href="/my_app/public/my_app">Home</a>

when I'd expect:

<a href="/my_app">Home</a>

I'm a novice, is there something in the .htaccess I need to change or in
the routes.rb file, so I get a hyperlink in the format of the latter.


Is that happening when deploying?

Andrius Chamentauskas wrote:

Is that happening when deploying?

On Aug 23, 9:55�pm, Tom Eustace <>

Yes, on my local machine this does not happen, but when deployed to my
host the problem appears.