Ruby Summer of Code Project


As part of my Ruby SOC proposals I'm thinking of working in the CI
idea posted in

Ideally, I'd like to do a two step proposal: first one would be
writing custom CI tool tailored specifically for Rails where we can
see more relevant information. The second one would be providing a way
for users to push their results upstream to get more data about
different environments.

I'd like to know what you guys think of this, and what features do you
think this system in order to make it worth the time and money


PS: I understand it's kinda late to send this (especially with the
list's moderation options) but most of the time was consumed in
another proposal related to ActiveRecord and DataObjects integration.

Hi Federico,

I am actively working on a complete redesign of the official Rails CI
environment, primarily to more easily meet these goals (many
platforms/environments, "one-click" setup for casual rails hackers,
good reporting).

This may or may not be a good pick for RSOC. I could always use help -
but this particular task has large scope, and a need for long-term
involvement and maintenance (to which I am committed). So, I'm not
sure if this is something that could be "completed" as a RSOC task,
since it will be a continually evolving project.

In any case, I'd love to discuss my plans and review what I've already
completed. If you are interested in Rails CI, for RSOC or not, please
email me.

-- Chad