ruby-pg is now the official postgres ruby gem

From: Jeff Davis <>
Date: December 14, 2007 12:19:52 AM EST
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] ruby-pg is now the official postgres ruby gem

ruby-pg is now the official rubyforge project for the "postgres" ruby
gem. See the project here:

or install the gem directly:

# gem install --remote postgres

The previous project has gone unmaintained for a long time, which lead
to the fork.

This gem includes some important fixes, most notably the ability to
compile against PostgreSQL 8.3.

The gem contains two modules:

* 'postgres' -- require this module as before, you can use it without
making any changes to your application. This is essentially just a fork
from version, but contains some important fixes,
including the ability to build against 8.3.

* 'pg' -- a new interface, designed to offer every feature available in
libpq to Ruby, with a better API. This module is simpler, cleaner, and
more portable. It is still unstable, so test before using.

PostgreSQL+Ruby users: please test and report any problems. I'd like to
make sure this is as stable as possible, and builds on all necessary

  Jeff Davis

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