Ruby on start page?

As stated, I am new to rails, and Runy for that matter. I am working
on a simple project to get acquainted and wanted to use ruby code in
index.html, I changed the name to .rhtml and added the following
simple code:

<% link_to 'Artists', :action => 'list' %>

This works great in my view files, but in the index.rhtml file, not so
much. The error is:

"uninitialized constant WelcomeController"

What should I be doing differently?



Are you advising dont use index.html at all? I got rid of the
standard one and made my own but maybe that wont work. I have 3
tables with model, view, and controller files setup as needed. I just
want a start page that allows me to summarize the tables (counts,
etc.) and provide links into their views. Is it best to create some
new object called "start"?

Thanks for quick response!