Ruby on Rails Tutorial - test, reset password

I have problem with understanding one code in Michael Hartl's tutorial.
In class PasswordResetsTest, in test "password resets" we took our user
from fixtures, we posted to password_resets_path with right mail and we
asserted that @user.reset_digest doesn't equal
@user.reload.reset_digest. Later, Michael said we need to use assigns
method to be able to patch to password_reset_path. He said it's because
our user from fixtures doesn't have reset_token, because it is created
only in create_reset_digest method. I understand it, but I don't get one
thing - why assert_not_equal with pre- and post- reload user's
reset_digest passes? I thought it goes like this: reset_digest is nil at
first, we post to password_resets_path, which is create action of
PasswordResets Controller; in this action we have create_reset_digest
method. Reset_digest isn't nil anymore, we reload it and our
assert_not_equal passes. But if so, @user from fixtures should also have
reset_token now (if its reset_digest was influenced by create action
(specifically create_reset_digest method). Can someone please take a

require 'test_helper'
class PasswordResetsTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
def setup
@user = users(:michael)
test "password resets" do
get new_password_reset_path
assert_template 'password_resets/new'
# Invalid email
post password_resets_path, password_reset: { email: "" }
assert_not flash.empty?
assert_template 'password_resets/new'
# Valid email
post password_resets_path, password_reset: { email: }
assert_not_equal @user.reset_digest, @user.reload.reset_digest
assert_equal 1, ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.size
assert_not flash.empty?
assert_redirected_to root_url
# Password reset form
user = assigns(:user)
# Valid password & confirmation
patch password_reset_path(user.reset_token),
user: { password: "foobaz",
password_confirmation: "foobaz" }

def create_reset_digest
self.reset_token = User.new_token
#creating reset_digest

    def create
    @user = User.find_by(email:
    if @user

I am also studying the same tutorial and I may have an explanation if you do not mind the fact that if you are lucky I am as an inexperienced user as you are.
Hopefully there will be someone more experienced than us who check my answer in case I wrote bullshit.

You may find a similar context for your question at chapter 8 when a remember_token is created and the book says that “there’s no way for the test to get access to it”.
As far as I have understood, the point is in the call of ‘user.remember_token’ or, in your case, ‘user.reset_token’. In the fixtures, user does not have a reset_token: look at the fixtures and you will see, there is not a reset_token attribute. It is true that it takes that attribute dynamically via the create action of the controller, but once you exit from the action, user is back again the user from the fixtures, with no reset_token attribute (that’s why is defined ‘virtual’: once you exit from the create action of the controller it is lost).
Using ‘assigns(:user)’ let you have access directly to the user defined in the create action and retrieve the token.
Does it make sense?