Ruby on rails + Textmate

So I saw that screencast using Textmate and RoR, and it looks
there a way to use Textmate with RoR projects that are online?

Through an FTP client, yes. I use Transmit on the Mac, which does
SFTP. The only downside is you can't open folders as projects. Each
file you open gets its own TM window. Through Transmit, whenever I
save the file in TextMate, it gets uploaded immediately.


Yeah that's what I meant, if there was a way to open a folder as a
project on a remote FTP server.

sshfs + vim

I'm using SSHFS (via MacFusion) with TextMate and had lots of issues
with file corruption (files were truncated, files cached to
aggressively so things like logs wouldn't re-read after a close/
open). This might be Mac-only (or 10.4.? only) or a problem with my
environment but I'd be careful.