Ruby On Rails Dev Needed for Minimal Viable Product (Prototype)

\Hey Ruby Group!,

You’re probably no stranger to the feeling of being so close to something, but separated by the resources to bring you there. It’s why you’re developers. You want to build and make things yourself. Some of you are into value creating experiences that help others and make some money along the way.

We’re doing that at my startup. We’re looking for a web application developer who is invested into music culture and can help us solve a specific problem. We have an amazing front-end developer (Apple) and need someone comfortable building something from the ground up that will act as a usable prototype.

We would love to bring someone as a partner where there is a meaningful overlap in our product. As of now, we can negotiate on terms of a convertible note. If we’re a match made in heaven, equity is could negotiable, however reserved for a more long term fit.

We are advised by a senior Apple designer for iOS, a startup CTO in SF and mentored by a gentleman by way of Cheskin ( in Palo Alto. If you are looking for ways to align with the startup culture of SF and the emerging one in Los Angeles, this would be a great opportunity.

Can’t wait to hear from you and feel free to respond with links to some of your work and an idea of how soon you are able to hop on a call.

Remote developers=OK. LA or East Bay preferred.

Best and thanks for being in touch!