Ruby on Rails Blogging for Newbies?

I want a site with:

  1. A blog
  2. Static pages
  3. total customization
  4. dynamic content / server side processing.

How can I, a total beginner, get up and running with RoR?

I didn’t understand exactly what you want… you want instructions to create or a that someone do it for you?

If you just want know about a complete solution… you can use a CMS… like RefineryCMS

If you want learn how to do it… well… there are plenty of blogs and tutorials… and I can recommend… you can search there, I think that there are something about blogs… like do it yourself and there also plenty of videos about frameworks and apps that help to do things…

It’s easy and instructive… for beginners and even professionals

I Garret,

start from here


0x92E36BFF.asc (3.06 KB)

Start by working right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online), that will show you
the basics of Rails.


Do you want a completely home-brew site, built entirely by you using RoR as your application framework?

Are you a total beginner with just Rails, or also with Ruby, and/or also with software development and deployment?

The reason I ask is because the answers depend on knowing a bit more about you.