Blog and comments!


I will pay for someone to solve this problem for me! post ur email or
msn or yim!

Basically, what i got at the moment that works is the reading, ADD and
EDIT and delete posts that people have made, i have also added a
friendship so only friends of that person can view the post.

What i want to achieve now is that users can comment on that post!
This is the hard thing and i dont understand how i can combine the
commenting system with my own reading system.

Also, i have done some tests but i really need some help! in my view/
reading i only have the add.rhtml and edit.rhtml. In the userhub page,
i have the current code:

Anyone? Please help!

You may have to wait more than a couple of hours for a reply. What
you must remember is that at any particular moment one third of the
world is asleep, another third is working. 99% of the rest have never
heard of Ruby on Rails, and 99% of those that have are not monitoring
this list. It seems that just leaves you and me at the moment, and I
am retired and not interested in paid work.



Actually my maths is way off, that would still leave about a quarter
of a million people monitoring the list at the moment, I wonder why
no-one else replied.


LOL! You have too much free time! :slight_smile:

The "15 minute blog" screencast will show you how to set up a basic

If your goal is to learn Ruby on Rails, then paying somebody to write
the code for you isn't going to be a very effecitve way to learn.