From : Newb! {ADVICE_NEEDED}

Hi, I'm new on Ruby. Practically started a week ago and right now I'm wondering whether or not I can use ruby to design my web page on If not, I think the only alternative left would be designing a web page myself on rails, which, I don't quite wanna do that cz it's going to take "awhile". Any advice from the pros?

afaik you can't do that with but creating your own blog shouldn't be that hard. look at mephisto for a full featured RoR-based blogging-app. or just start from scratch. it's not THAT much work.

i almost forgot two things.

first here is the url: second: you might wanna choose a better topic next time you got a problem. "I'm a n00b and need help" doesn't say anything about what your problem is about and many people probably won't even read those posts.