Ruby On Rails API generic quick-starter

Hi, fellows Rubyists! I’m here to contribute a bit to the open software community!

During my career, I’ve been working on plenty of projects and many of them were built from scratch. Based on this, I noticed that for every new application I had to implement tools, gems, and functionalities over and over again, so I decided to gather everything in a generic Rails API Quick Starter to share with you so you can focus on business and not on the configuration (CoC).

There, you’ll find Automated Tests fully configured with examples, JSON Web Token Authentication, Authorization (ACL) based on OO principles, Docker virtualization (you don’t need any dependencies locally to run the project), JSON responses serialization, and many other cool implementations.

The application is running on Rails(6.0.1) API-Only and Ruby(2.6.5) on its last stable versions and I intend to keep it updated.

If you have generic handy solutions send me a Pull Request or hit the connection button, I’ll be glad to talk about it!

Cheers! hashtag

Nice job, will give it a try.


Great, will try…

  • Prasanth