Ruby on Rails 3.1 Installation tutorial for Ubuntu (versions 11.04, 11.10) and Linux Mint (version 11) - download or read online if you need it

After several weeks of messing with Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu I made
this 34 pages PDF installation tutorial which covers:

- Ruby on Rails default installation (Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3.1, WEbrick
web server, SQLite3 database)
- Ruby on Rails advanced installation (Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3.1, Apache
web server, MySQL database)

I am total beginner with Ruby on Rails (and a beginner with Ubuntu
Linux) - coming from Windows web development - so I've made this
tutorial as detailed as possible so others like me can use it without
a problem.

You can get the PDF file from here:

I will update the tutorial from time to time as new Ruby, Rails and
Ubuntu/Mint will come out (the PDF file will have the same name

If you find it useful please tell to others too (in RoR groups, forums
and other social media places).

I am open to suggestions/improvements of this tutorial.

Thank you,

Great! i'm new in RoR too, and let me tell you that I'll give this pdf
to my friends trying to change their minds about ruby =)
but... just as a suggestion.. I think that a pdf with 34 pages is...
kinda heavy for someone who wants to try it
But as an specific guide, it will be helpful :smiley:

Good job


I wrote it thinking about beginners. I could have made it simpler but
I wanted to give all the details I've encountered so you don't have to
search the Internet for solutions when you hit a wall (or search it as
less as possible).

If you follow step by step as I described I think any beginner (which
knows computers but doesn't know about Ruby in Rails and Linux much)
would not have too much hard time to install it.
Maybe in the future I'll make a video too.