ruby-oci8 build fails

I'm trying to build the ruby-oci8 with the Oracle Instant Client on OS
X. The Instant Client works, and the make seems to be ok with it up
until OCIInitialize(). Anybody got this to work?

[relevant output]
/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/bin/ruby /
checking for load library path... (DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH)... /opt/oracle/
instantclient10_1/libclntsh.dylib.10.1 looks like an instant client.
checking for cc... ok
checking for gcc... yes
checking for LP64... no
checking for ruby header... ok
checking for OCIInitialize() in oci.h... no

Fixed, here is what I did.

First, in mkmf.log I had:
ld: warning in /opt/oracle/instantclient10_1/libclntsh.dylib, file is
not of required architecture
Undefined symbols for architecture i386:

I'm running Leopard on a G5, so something picked up the architecture
wrong. Above that I see GCC being called with "-arch ppc -arch i386".
I found where that was being supplied in the Makefile and removed it
(after setup.rb.config but before setup.rb setup).

i'm not sure, but you could have do the same by using variable ARCHFLAGS="-arch ppc"

In regards to this: has anyone heard anything new about an Intel build
of instant client for Oracle in the works or better yet a universal