Ruby - Iterating over a Nested Hash

I am trying to figure out how to output a global variable to my view page to EACH DO loop the contents of my xml file.

This is how my controller is configured:

** CONTROLLER CLASS ** require 'net/http'   require 'httparty'   require 'rexml/document'   require 'uri'   require 'remixr'   include REXML

#user inputs from form   def result    $zip_code = params[:zip_code]    $range = params[:range]

#Modifiable URL parameters     $base_url = ''     $uri = URI.parse($base_url)     $stores_call = '/v1/stores'     $apiKey = '?apiKey='YOUR API KEY'     $area_para = "(area(#{$zip_code},#{$range}))"     $store_para = '&show=storeID,name'     $xml_url = "#{$base_url}#{$stores_call}#{$area_para}#{$apiKey}#{$store_para}"

# Data call and parsing into xml hash array     http =$, $uri.port)     request =$xml_url)     response = http.request(request)

    $xml = response.body     $doc = $xml

** VIEW PAGE ** <%=     $doc.each do |item|     puts "{storeID}=#{item}"     end   %>

The $doc object is a nested hash with store locations that each have other characteristics. Currently the parameters only pull the StoreID and name. So the loop will need to pull each StoreID, then name, then repeat loop. I am going to be building the loop around an HTML table, but that would be extra credit if someone wants to take it on.

Thank you so much!

If you want to iterate over each nested hash - it totally depends on the depth of the hash and the kind of view you’re trying to build using it. If you dont have knowledge about the other keys that come in the hash, use this pattern.

h = { "a" => 100, "b" => 200 }
h.each {|key, value| puts "#{key} is #{value}" }

I am trying to build it nearly like the PHP example above.

I'll build the header row for a table and then run the loop to fill the cells and then put in a closer for the table.

Here is a sample of the data:

<store>     <storeId>2970</storeId>     <name>Best Buy Mobile - Brunswick Square Mall </name> </store> <store>     <storeId>598</storeId>     <name>East Brunswick</name> </store> <store>     <storeId>2980</storeId>     <name>Best Buy Mobile - Menlo Park Mall </name> </store>

I will be adding in more portions of the hash to the end product, but want to understand how to iterate two items first. Does this help?

You will have to use nokogiri gem to parse it and iterate.

More details here.

I couldnt' figure it out. Everytime I ran it through the Nokogiri gem, the headers were still there. It was like nothing changed to the data.

I don't understand, I thought you wanted to parse the xml document and extract data for display, why would you expect it to change the data?

See the tutorials at for how to do that.