Ruby developer wanted in Hungary

We are looking for web developer in our professional ruby on rails
team in Hungary, who:
- thinks ruby is not a jewel (Ruby experience)
- stores even his/her own to-dos in database (familiarity with mysql,
postgresql, oracle)
- waited eagerly for HTML 5.0 as a child (html, css, javascript
- ’s best friend is console (knowledge of Linux development and
operating environment)
- can understand this job posting (fluent english)

Very Nice to Haves:
- is a real agile warrior (experience with agile development)
- has experience in mobile development (iphone/android)
- has knowledge of search engines: (pl. Apache Lucene, SOLR)
- has Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
- knows why multiple inheritance is bad or good (php, java, perl,
python experience)

We offer:
- Agile team
- Innovative projects, product development , creative work
- Participation in Digital Natives Startup Inkubation (e.g.
- Trainings, professional development
- Competitive salary
- Pleasant working environment (
- Recreational opportunities (foosball, flipper, darts, ...)
Place of work: Budapest XI. district
If you are interested in this position, please submit your resume with
photo to <info at>