Ruby client to interface with Rails' REST implementation

I'd like to create a ruby client to interface with my rails
application's REST API.
What's the best way of achieving this? My main goal is to avoid
dealing with the resulting XML manually.
Thank you.

ActiveResource ?


Let me clarify. I want to be able to generate a standalone ruby API
for any rails project.
Essentially, I am looking for something higher level than REXML and
Perhaps a scaffold script to auto-generate a wrapper for
ActiveResource based on the given project?

I would try 2 ways: HTTParty and rest-client.
They are both nice with some differences along the lines:
1) HTTParty handles the XML/JSON response using Crack
2) RestClient doesn't handle the response but you can find a branch that supports mulipart uploads, something that is not supported on HTTParty (but I might be wrong, someone on ruby-lang claimed that it's possible to make a multipart form-data upload with HTTParty as well, maybe I just missed the code inside the library ...). Here you have to handle the XML yourself, but you can use Crack as well which is fairly easy to do.

They both expose a very nice DSL, and soon RestClient will support OAuth (when I find a decent way to support it, I already have something working).