Ruby and Rails Doc

Hi there,

I come from java world, and used to javadoc APIs documentation. When I
try to read the Ruby doc or the Rails doc I feel uncomfortable.

How is it supposed the R*doc be used? I mean there are 3 sections on
the left side menu, what do they contain?

Is there any kind of guide to get started with Ruby and Rails


the three parts on left side:

1) all the files that come with rails
   not that important in the beginning

2) the classes
   three most important: ActionController, ActiveRecord, ActiveView
   and their modules like ActiveRecord::Base, ActiveRecord::Callbacks...

   soon enough you'll have a good overview, what to find in which module
   then use this list to directly find information

3) methods of classes
   that's where you search for keywords and functionality
   if you don't know where to find them

eg: you want to know something about the ActiveRecord callback
before_save, you search in the methods list for it
later on you'll know, that it's a callback and directly use
the class list and jump to ActiveRecord:Callbacks

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Thanks, that's usefull!

On Feb 21, 10:26 am, Thorsten Mueller <rails-mailing-l...@andreas-

I would suggest or