New Rails Documentation Site (no md, sorry)


I’ve got three Rails libraries documented:

Rails 4.2.0 gem

Rails gem

All of the ‘Rails Guides’ are included (accessible from the ‘Docs’ list), and they link back to code objects, unlike other docs.

For people interested in contributing to Rails, see Rails master branch - this set shows everything.

Rails is complicated, at least from the perspective of object structure. Since learning Rails is one of my future goals, I decided to add code specific to Rails for a YARD plugin I’ve been working on.

It parses into most of the DSL code that Rails contains, which generates much more complete documentation.

As an example, look at ActiveRecord::Base. It has over 200 native methods, and several hundred methods in its call chain. Since all of the methods are created via DSL code, normal documentation systems ( show an ‘empty’ object.

The docs allow one to search for objects across all of Rails, and also allows one to search for methods within a class or module. It also shows method chains in the search. For example, searching ActionController::Base for process_action methods shows the three methods in its call chain, in order of the calling.

Several versions of Ruby are on the site, along with the AWS SDK for Ruby. Ruby has several docs, along with doc in the code. For instance, Methods and Calling Methods.

See home page, also the UI Guide. I’ve got code running ‘(repo) git pull - doc - git commit - (site) git push’, so the site will stay current…