routing problem with controllers in other dirs

Hi all

I have a problem with mapping url to controller which is deeper in
controller directory (not root directory). I wanted to move
acts_as_authenticated account_controller deeper to directory (let's
call it Foo) and route it as /Foo/Account, but i always seem to get
exception that no route matched my request

file structure:
+- /controllers
      +- /Foo
          +- /account_controller.rb

-- routes.rb --
map.connect 'Foo', :controller => '/Foo/Index'
map.connect 'Foo/:controller/:action/:id'
-- ~ routes.rb --

-- /Foo/account_controller.rb --
class Foo::AccountController < ApplicationController
-- ~ /Foo/account_controller.rb --

Strange thing is - when i point my browser to i
always get redirected to /Foo/account/login (where exception takes
place), that means - get right routing for /Foo/Index controller which
class Foo::IndexController < Foo::AccountController

Even more strange thing: this worked on RoR 1.2.2. I began getting
exceptions after i upgraded to RoR 1.2.3. I'm quite lost. I've already
tried IRC channel in

Thanks for any help.