Routing optimization, named routes and default url options

I came across this when switching from rails 1.2.6 to 2.0.2, there is
a change in the way routes are generated between these to version due
to the routing optimization in rails 2.0.2.
In version 1.2.6 it was possible to overwrite the default_url_options
method in ActionController::Base to define parameters attached to each
generated url.
Due to the routing optimization in rails 2.0.2 this is not anymore
possible if no other parameters are passed to the generated named
route method the default options will not be appended anymore.

Is this an intentional change or can this be considered a bug?


This is a bug, please open a ticket for it at, if
you could attach a simplified version of your application it'll help
track it down.

In the meantime you can disable the optimisation code by setting
config.action_controller.optimise_named_routes = false

I created a ticket with simplified application: