changes to routing intentional


    I've done a bit of googling and trac searching already for this,
so apologies if this is already discussed or documented...

I found a change that blew up a bunch of code for me. NOt sure if I
was doing the wrong thing, so here it is. Basically, in 2.0.0 PR the
generate method in actionpack/lib/action_controller/routing.rb no
longer converts symbols passed in through options[:controller] to
strings before running this code (1335 of routing.rb):

if !named_route && expire_on[:controller] && options[:controller] &&
options[:controller][0] != ?/

The last condition causes problems if the controller is passed in as a

I've fixed my code, but I was curious if this is an intentional change
and if someone could point me to why? I realize internally it makes
strings anyway, so it doesn't save anything in terms of memory, so
maybe that's a good enough reason.