Routing errors in production, RoR 1.2+

The application I'm working on has two user controllers. One is the
main page a user reaches when after login /user/index.html and the
other is a user administration page located at /admin/user/index.html.

When deploying into production I can not reach the admin page, Rails
always render the regular user page even though the browser URL says /

Anybody know what could be wrong, I haven't made any changes to
routes.rb and I've only added a admin/user folder to controllers and

Kind regards,

Why are you using .html at the end of you URIs? I don’t know if that would solve anything but I can’t imagine why you’d need to do that.


You're correct, sorry about that the URL:s are /user and /admin/user.
They both render files named index.rhtml in views/user and views/admin/

As I understand this kind of routing, using subfolders, should work or
would I have to rename /admin/user to something else?!

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They should work as you’ve described. You say they do actually work that way on your desktop? If you’ve written some functional tests you might try running them on the server as well. assert_template would clear the whole matter up, sounds like.


Yes it works in development but when I deploy in production it
doesn't. I'm using WEBrick when developing and Mongrel in production
but that shouldn't be a problem as I understand since the routing is
in Rails and not in the server.

The weird thing is that it works if I access the /admin/user URL
_before_ /user after startup. But if I go to /user first after startup
I can never reach /admin/user without a restart.

I haven't tried the functional test thing, I'll have to look in to
that, haven't written tests before.