Routing error for custom POST route in Rails 3

I've been banging my head against this for a while, and would love to
see someone prove that I am just overlooking something simple.

I am trying to add a custom route to my RESTful resource. Because
route is destructive, I want to use "POST" http method. If I hack my
routes.rb to use GET, everything works just fine:

2 different server runs, only difference is get vs. post in my

Started POST "/maps/1/reload_from_deamon" for at Sun Oct 17
23:17:32 -0700 2010
ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/maps/1/

Started GET "/maps/1/reload_from_deamon" for at Sun Oct 17
23:26:53 -0700 2010
  Processing by MapsController#reload_from_deamon as HTML

Here are my symptoms:

  resources :maps do
     member do
        post 'reload_from_deamon'
# i've also tried
# resources :maps do
# post 'reload_from_deamon', :on => :member
# and
# match 'maps/:id/reload_from_deamon' =>
"maps#reload_from_deamon", :via => :post

  def reload_from_deamon
    @map = Map.find(params[:id])
    status = @map.reload_from_deamon
    redirect_to @map, :notice => status

I generate my post form as following, this might be what is killing
me. I've been unable to coerce form_for to generate the proper POST
url for me.

  <%= form_for @map, :url => map_path(@map)+ "/reload_from_deamon" do |
f> -%>
  <button type="submit" class="button" onclick="document.location = '/
    <img alt="" src="/images/web-app-theme/icons/
database_refresh.png">Refresh readers from deamon
  <% end -%>

Any ideas?