Hello, them story a little the mess that I must with the redirects to see if they can advise to me. Thanks.

I have 3 controllers - admin/users - admin/contents - login

# file routes.rb map.with_options( :controller => 'login' ) do | a |      a.admin 'admin'      a.users 'admin/users', :action => 'index'      a.contents 'admin/contents', :action => 'index'    end

# if the user and the password are correct the filter index goes to the method that contains

def index      redirect_to :controller => "admin/contents", :action => "index" end

What it happens is when the controller login, redirects to admin/contents the file routes.rb returns me a to redirect to the controller login, with which in the end the navigator remains block :frowning: (he is not strange to me, goes mess)

Some suggestion? Thank you very much.