ROR with Forums in PHP...? Is it OK...?


I am getting glued to ROR day by day. I think its the best thing
happened to web developers so far.

But since ROR, does not have as much big community support like PHP
currently, few things are initially missing.

The best thing missing for ROR is lack of good Forums. I have not seen a
good ROR Forum created in Ruby so far. I think we too should have a good
forum like PHPBB forums as available in PHP.

Since Forums are now an essential part for any portals, i am thinking of
implementing a PHPBB forum with Ruby on Rails.

I am not sure, whether this will work or not.

Just a question... if any one has tried this solution of implementing
PHPBB forums with ROR in Mysql. If Yes... then How...?

I would also love to know about a great Forum created in Ruby as well.


Have you seen Beast?

It's a very nice forum in Rails. While it doesn't have all the
features of phpBB, it serves the purpose for 90% of users. You could
easily hack in other features.


Combination is good but is it working?