ROR on top of a non-SQL database

Hi All So I have a database called OpenAccess (used for describing electrical objects like transistors etc.) and I'd like to put Rails on top of it. First question is "Is this possible?" i.e. can you put ActiveRecord (or some component thereof) on top of a non-SQL database, then have access to most of the rails goodness?

Thanks much Kretch

Marnen Laibow-Koser wrote:

I don't know offhand how to do this but it should be possible: there are people using Rails with CouchDB, and with Amazon's SimpleDB (the SimpleRecord library).

Yes you can, just not with ActiveRecord without creating your own intermediate layer.

Thanks Marnen- The SimpleDB example is very interesting, and looks like it could be applicable to my problem. Thank you for pointing me in that direction!

regards Kretch

So SimpleDB is a drop-in replacement for ActiveRecord? Or does is sit between ActiveRecord and the Amazon Simple DB?

Thanks much Kretch

We've built a drop in replacement for ActiveRecord called SimpleRecord:

Just make your models extend SimpleRecord::Base instead of ActiveRecord::Base and you're good to go.