RoR Developers Needed (glendale, ca)

YELLOWPAGES.COM is an exciting Internet Yellow Pages and local search
company that creates and markets the latest products for online
advertising, including state-of-the-art wireless, video and audio
products. We’ve grown to nearly 1,000 employees nationwide, and are
hiring for a wide variety of positions to fuel continued growth -- from
engineering and IT, to operations and finance, to product marketing and
consumer experience.

Here at we are currently looking for a RoR Software
Engineer. Please email resume to llee(at)yellowpages(dot)com

Define, design, and implement solutions high-performance websites using
Develop prototypes rapidly for evaluation and validation purposes.
Document code and system designs
Provide application support and systems maintenance.
Write unit test cases and support overall quality initiatives.
Play an active role in discussing the evolution of the product.
Keep abreast of latest technologies and trends.

Bachelor*s Degree in Computer Science or related field is required.
2-3 years exp. working with Ruby on Rails.
Mastery of DHTML, CSS, and web architectures.
Experience developing Web 2.0 sites.
Experience with design patterns and object-oriented analysis.
Experience with JSON and XML, including parsing, schemas, and

Extremely sorry for this accidentally sent mail on this group.

This is not the place for job ads.

In fact, you're likely to lose a bunch of potential candidates by
posting in the core list.

There are probably only 300 developers with 3 years of rails
experience, and of those, maybe 50 have any sort of CS degree.

.. And they all hate you now for spamming their list.

and for those 50 who has CS degree and 3 years of experience, maybe more than 25 read this mail list… :slight_smile:

I'm a Senior Developer for Yellowpages. This email was just as much a
"surprise" to me as to everyone else. I'll let the necessary parties
know this was an "unproductive" move.

For what it's worth, I apologize for their behavior.

Good on you for stepping up!

I do, however, have a strong temptation to contact Lealah Lee and ask for
the number for my local pizza place.