ROR Developers need for Steve Case's(co-founder of AOL) hot new start up!

Hi all,

I work at Revolution Health Group, the new company launched by Steve
Case, the co-founder of AOL to be the leader in Consumer Directed
Healthcare. We are currently seeking several ROR Developers in the
Washington, D.C. area. We are developing and deploying probably the
largest ROR product in the country. I have posted a job description
below and we are seeking full time and contractor staff. My number is
202-481-5042 or e-mail me at Please feel free
to contact me directly. Thanks!!

Revolution Health Group is a seeking superstar web applications
engineers to assist in the development of cutting edge, broadly
deployed internet applications. Join a team of seasoned, visionary All
Stars who are passionate, creative and poised to pioneer change in the
world of healthcare.

The ideal candidate will have experience developing rich web
applications i.e. Ruby, ROR, AJAX, XHTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS etc). We
are looking for candidates with strong user-interface instincts.

The successful candidates will have a passion for delivering high
quality software and possess a high degree of creativity and
enthusiasm, capable of owning large features. Excellent team work and
communication skills are necessary. There is an excellent opportunity
to code Ruby on Rails in a growing commercial environment.

·Assist in the design, build, launch, and maintenance of our front
end web applications from the ground up.
·Ensure cross browser functionality.
·You will own new features and application pieces.
·Work with the product management; identify & define features to be
added to the product.

·Experience creating highly scalable web applications for a consumer
·2+ years of Web application development
·Strong debugging skills
·Strong problem solving skills
·High degree of integrity, passion and drive
·Collaborative software products development
Background in object oriented development

You sent one of these yesterday, and a week or so before that, and a
week or so before that, and... you get the idea.

Please don't spam this mailing list. Try, the 37signals
job board, or your local Craigslist. Everyone has seen your ads here by


Um... this is from the co-founder of AOL? Remember? How many AOL CD's do you have? :slight_smile:


Well done, I think you managed to include every cheesy, “of the moment” keyword I can think of.

From your website: “seeks to drive transformative change by shifting power to consumers”, does your company actually employ any non-acid-dropping marketing personnel?

P.S Well done, you found a relatively rare word! (transformative), I bet your marketing manager creamed her/himself when he/she heard that, you must be a really cool company!
P.S.S Telling us you’re founded by a guy most of us couldn’t detest more isn’t actually a good thing (just thought I’d let you know).

Your email and website couldn’t stink more of VC if it tried. I’m sorry, but the kind of cheesy marketing strategy you employ may work on the average Joe, but please don’t insult us with it. You’re more of a deterrent than anything else.

…I just had to read your email once again, the entertainment factor is great!

I don't know how many talented developers would be willing to make
people like Mr. Colin Powell, Ms Fiorina, Mr Case et al. more rich.
Give us a break!

There are developers who want to be part of a small and dynamic
organization. Those who want to work in an environment with no
politics and the problems created by "THE ENTERPRISE". Companies like
Revolution Health Group will make Rails development a nightmare for
the team.

ohhhhh... good point. Hadn't considered that.