RoR Developer next stage - work in team, questions

Hi all,

My adventure with Ruby on Rails started about 2 years ago. Before I was C++/ARM/assembler developer and had no clue about web developing.

I got a contract for developing managing system for his company in UK (stock/invoices/ ). I did some research and decided do build Web App in Ruby on Rails.

I learned basics of Ruby, Rails, Bootsratp, Rspec and JS, and jQery (I known Postgress and git alreatedy. )and build this system for him - learing in process.

It became quite a big app with ajax interaction, web services, a lot of user js interactions,

ivoices, mailing system etc.

Now when I have this konwledge and experience I woud like to be a part of Ruby on Rails developer team. However, till now I worked alone and I don’t have experience working within a team or using software developmet (like scrum).

I am aware that it might be a bit challening for me to work with team, in the beginning of course despite the fact that my knowledge of WebDeveloping is not too bad. May I kindly ask you for some advice of how to make the whole process more smoother?

Bootcamps? Like firehouse project (it’s quite expensive).

Some part time remote job?

Thank you!


My advice: don't worry about it. You can certainly read about "Agile"
development but every team is going to have their own specific way
of doing things, and that rarely (or never!) matches any other team's
exact system.

Join a team, watch what other people are doing, don't hesitate to ask
questions about processes -- it'll be fine.

Best of luck!