RoR Contract Opportunity

We're a stealth startup, New York-based online social network &
resource site for the book industry. We operate a community that
allows book readers to connect, share, discuss, and discover books
with other readers very easily. We provide a scalable social
experience around reading within the $28B annual book retail market.

We're seeking a proficient Ruby on Rails developer from the New York
area to work on a part-time / contract basis for us in order to help
take our existing platform to the next level and ready for public
launch. You would work remotely in unison with our current RoR
developer, not based in New York.

Our prototype platform is complete with 2000 private testers utilizing
it, driving feature development, along with a current iPhone app
development project. There is significant industry interest in us,
from industry partnerships to strategic investments from top book
entities and investment firms. Now is a perfect time for the right
developer interested in helping transform the book industry's social
interaction to join us.

We're positioned within an industry that is seeing tremendous growth,
led by Amazon's recently powerful acquisitions in our space. There are
great amounts of investment money currently being focused within the
crossroads of technology and the book industry, a market that we're
serving. As well, one of the iPhone's fastest growing application is a
book-related app.

If you're interested in entering a startup company that is on the
bridge of explosive growth and single-handedly helping our platform
prepare for the inaugural public launch, please send a resume + an
explanation of why you're interested in working with us to:

brandonwmullins [at] gmail [dot] com