rhtml & rails

Very nubee
If you have a rails app as part of a website that has a good bit of
static or close to static HTML. Where is it suggested that the static
HTML reside?

Should the HTML reside within the public directory of the application
or reside outside the app? It would be nice if it were together
because the Rails app and the static html need to have same look and
feel and share common elements.

It would be nice if this static HTML could use a template language
(PHP or Ruby) to handle simple things like includes of HTML fragments
etc. Can rhtml be used and processed like 'erb'? If so, where should
it reside and how is it setup?


If it is entirely static then put it in public. If not quite static
then have a pages_controller (or whatever you want to call it) and use
rails to do the dynamic stuff. A controller does not need an
underlying model.