RFacebook | Help required

Hello all,

I am developing a basic application using RFacebook. The tutorial Im following is from [


After I develop the facebook app, and start the server and send a request to [](,
it takes me to the facebook login page (as expected, so no issues up
till here), but after I provide my login info, the browser continously
sends a request to the following URL

with the value of auth_toekn changing every second. Can anyone tell me whats wrong, or what mistake am I making here? Any help will be highly appreciated

what did you set your session variable name to be? is it evaluating
something like time every time it creates it, there by changing the
session id


I did not do anything with the session variable. And by the way, sorry to have used the word “second” in my previous email, what I meant was that auth_token is changing very frequently, and nothing useful happens. I dont think it has to do anything with time.