facebook api

hello guys,

i want to use facebook api for my app
any body have any idea…

Check out the rfacebook gem. The php code examples are more complete
then the rails one, so if you know php that is really useful also.

thanks for info but i wana implement in rails only.

any one have idea…


just install rfacebook gem and hpricot gem and done with wishlist app. the wish list sample works fine. but when i try to implement my app it gives me a eroor



Arun Agrawal wrote:

Whoops sorry... only saw the start of the thread...

have any idea how i can implement

If you set the callback URL to localhost:xxxx and route '', controller
=> 'home', 'index' and create a home, index controller you can develop
from your local machine and even push to the profile. The docs are all
there, you just gotta play around a lot. Ping me if you need more

I would think that the callback would be from their servers, so you would need a public IP in the return address.


Yes, as the callback url I use:

And after login I get redirected to this page.

You have to add a trailing slash to that url in the application
settings page (facebook bug)

I may be missing something, but are you expecting that facebook.com is going to route traffic to localhost:3000 ?

'cause that's not gonna happen. You'll need to find a way to route traffic to your dev box.


If you are developing an iframe facebook app, localhost:3000/ should
work just fine while you're developing (you'll be the only one able
to see your app with it set to localhost:3000/). If you're using
fbml, then facebook has to contact that server, pull in the fbml,
then render it, and won't be able to contact localhost. (you need an
external ip)

How to send message attachment in facebook developer app?
There is a Message Attachment configuration for the app, with Attachment action and callback url.
How to use these settings and what to write in callback url so that user can send an attachment.