Returning to the same position on a page


I am not sure if this is a general web question or a Rails specific
one but either way, I would really appreciate help and guidance.

My application generates quotes. To do so, you start at a page that
has the client details. From there you go to a catalog (a link on the
quote page) and select the items that are to be in the quote. All the
above is working just fine.

My problem is that when you come back to the quote page from the
catalog, you are always returned to the top of the page. I would like
to be able to go back to my original position. Which is where I was
before I went to the catalog to select an item.

Can this be done?


Paul Thompson

Technically, it can be done via saving scrollTop value of the main
container. You should somehow send this value to server when user
leaves the page, store it in session and then render javascript code
that will restore that value when page is opened again.

But I would suggest rethinking current design to eliminate the need to do that:
- make catalog another quote creation step
- display catalog in popup (real window or HTML popup) without leaving
the quote creation page

It's much more simple:

<a href="#tips">Jump to the Useful Tips Section</a>

<a name="tips">Useful Tips Section</a>


maybe somebody can show us how to do it in rails...