How do make the page refresh into the same position of the page previously?

I often have to save, delete, or update records. That could be a very
long list, or multi pages. How can I come back to the same position I
was before the page refresh?

Thank you very much!


An html link anchor?

<a name="where-i-want-to-jump-down-to"></a>

then you just need to reload the page at /x.html#where-i-want-to-jump-down-to


Thanks, Robby.

Normally, in Controller, I have

redirect_to "/user"

there is no place to put this anchor. Maybe after the view, i.e.
index.rhtml#where-i-want-to-jump-down-to? Where can I put this anchor
in controller, then the system will be able to render to such a view
with anchor.

Thank you very much!

You can do this using javascript scroll method.
do some google.


you can do redirect_to “/user#anchor” or redirect_to :controller => ‘/user’, :anchor => ‘anchor’