retrieving ActiveResource validation errors on attributes

So, this is probably a usage error... but I hope somebody knows how to
make this work.

I'm trying to use a RESTful ActiveResource client and print the
attribute validation errors for model attributes during an update

I've been following one of the threads, and am returning a response
from the server as follows:

format.xml { render :xml => m.to_xml, :status => '400 BadRequest' }

The ActiveResource client seems to like it... the "" returns
false, so the response was understood etc. The model has error fields
in it which work good on the standard HTML forms, so I think this is OK
as well.

However, I cannot seem to figure out how to actually get at the errors
on the client-side. A call to model.errors, model.full_errors,
model.errors.each etc. returns nothing. So, my suspicion is that the
the data is not being sent by the server at all.

Is this a current limitation? or just plain ignorance on my part?

- Reid

Please ignore... wrong list. I apologize.

- R