Restricted Textmate Command+T (jump to file)


Does any Textmate user know how to tell the jump to file command to not
look in some folders? Currently my doc/ and spec/ folders are polluting
the search facility, and it has become very hard for me to get to the
desired file.

Thanks in advance.

Someone on a Textmate list would probably know.

And since it's proprietary software you should at least be able to
pose the question to the author.

Someone on a Textmate list would probably know.

I'm surprised that no one in this list didn't already run into this

Not all Rails users are Textmate users. Most of the Rails developers
I know in IRL use Linux so Textmate isn't even an option for them.

Look in Preferences > Advanced > Folder References.

There is a sexy regular expression for "Folder Pattern"... which you
can modify to include the directories you want to ignore. I don't
ignore 'spec', because I tend to jump to those files a lot. However, I
do block 'vendor'. This also impacts your Find|Grep|Ack in project
settings, so keep that in mind.

Good luck.