Restful Route for a custom action

I'm trying to create a restful route for a custom action and I can not seem to get it right.

This is the code in my routes.rb map.resources :leagues map.resources :leagues, :collection => {:old => :get}

old is an action in my leagues controller that will retrieve and display a list of older leagues (like index but just a different set of data).

I'm using this generated helper method: <%= link_to 'List older league postings', old_leagues_url %> I also tried old_leagues_path

and it seems to generate the url I would expect. http://localhost:3000/leagues/old

But when I click on the link I get this error: Couldn't find League with ID=old

For some reason it's trying to 'show' the league old.

I used rake routes and it shows what I would expect to be the correct route: old_leagues GET /leagues/old {:controller=>"leagues", :action=>"old"} formatted_old_leagues GET /leagues/old.:format {:controller=>"leagues", :action=>"old"}

Can somebody help me out, I'm really stuck on this..


You restarted the server after changing routes.rb, right? No, of course you did. Never mind.


I'm using rails 2.0.2 and yes, I have restarted the server.