RESTful checkbox to complete task

Here's where I am right now:

<div id="tasks">

<% for task in @tasks %>
  <%= link_to "Complete", complete_task_path(task) %>
  <%=h task.body %>
  <%= link_to 'Edit', edit_task_path(task) %>
  <%= link_to 'Destroy', task, :confirm => 'Are you sure?', :method
=> :delete %>
<% end %>


map.resources :tasks, :collection => { :complete => :post }

def complete
    @task = Task.find(params[:id])
    @task.completed = true

Right now I am getting undefined method for complete_task_path. Why is
that? And how do I turn this into a checkbox? I want the checkbox to
call the complete method.

I need to do more reading it looks like. Thank you Ryan

That's easy to remember. Thanks again

Maybe you can answer this Ryan.

Do I still do :render layout => false when pushing out an rjs format
when using a RESTful design? My complete.js.rjs isn't being called.

def complete
    @task = Task.find(params[:id])
    @task.completed = true
    render :layout => false

Ah ok, here is my problem:

in my log I see:
Parameters: {"action"=>"3", "id"=>"complete", "controller"=>"tasks"}

That's pretty weird no? Why would
<%= link_to "Complete", complete_task_path(task) %>
let it think the action = the id?

I have this:
map.resources :tasks, :member => { :complete => :put }


map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'
map.connect ':controller/:action/:id.:format'