restful_authentication plugin and http_basic problem.

So I installed the most recent restful_authentication plugin from
github and ran into a frustrating problem... on Internet Explorer 6
and 7 I received a security dialog box rather than seeing the login
view. When I clicked logout I received the same dialog.

I came across some posts on the web that led me to remove the
following line (73: authenticated_system.rb)

request_http_basic_authentication 'Web Password'

That worked for the login view, but logout still showed the dialog. So
I removed the format block around it:

format.any do
request_http_basic_authentication 'Web Password'

Now everything is working! :slight_smile:

However, I would like to understand what is happening here and WHY
this worked. Anyone have any thoughts?

Sometimes IE sends back a blank HTTP Accept header, and it triggers
the 'format.any' block as opposed to 'format.html'. Try changing it
to 'format.any(:xml, :json)' instead. That way it's only triggered
for those two formats.